Saturday, August 23, 2014

my very real dream about jesus christ

One night As i was dreaming i saw a man clothed wearing all snow white robe that seemed to shine walking toward me, now i want to be very clear... as i was seeing this person walk toward me the normal part of the dream that i was having prior to this event kept going by itself without me as if it had been hi-jacked; moreover i had come to the realization that i was dreaming at that very moment, at that point this person had gotten closer and then i feel to my knee's and began to weep and worship him calling him my lord, god, and Jesus. He did not say a word he just looked me dead in my eyes (i dare say there was a form of telepathy happening as no words where needed yet i knew everything that i needed to) and i felt a great amount of love, security, and a mixed with a slight feeling of shame from the things i had done wrong in my life. Then i looked down to see a white rock at my feet that was white as snow; moreover it was giving off a sort of blinding light.

The messiah is real and he knows every single thing that we have ever done... he knows our thoughts, our emotions, our fears, and our hopes and i hope everyone can experience an encounter with him as i have because it will surely open you're eyes to many things. 

needless to say it was an interesting night.

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