Friday, September 5, 2014

another dream

I was in the house staring out the double window;s looking at the sky there was a storm coming  (it was night) and all of a sudden a flash of lightning shot across the sky, and the lightning itself began to flash  forming all these different kind of hand signs, the devil horns ,the moon sign, and some others i cannot readily describe. After that i looked forward out of the window and a great wind was blowing a wind stronger than i had ever seen before, and flying down the street was all this metallic junk parts...and then a giant saucer type ship with bright lights all around it, then a floating type crane type machine (it also had a futuristic look to it). As this exceedingly strong wind was blowing a giant creature who's stature was so great that i could only see its feet and legs at first ( it was a very dark purple and had the face of an elephant but stood up like a man hands and all but hooves for feet) was going in the same direction seemingly unfazed by the great wind and it stopped walking in front of the house, got down, and peered in the window at me and said (The lord you're god is being contested) then proceeded to walk away in the direction the win was blowing. After all of this i continued to peer out the window in awe of what just happened then BOOM it went from night to day in a flash....there where construction workers working outside the house and everything seemed normal as if they had no idea what just took place right where they stood and then just as quickly it flashed to that dark zone yet again (almost to show me that this crazy stuff goes on while people live they're lives: moreover that there is a veil that separates the activity in that dark world from ours) and then i woke up.

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