Sunday, October 26, 2014

dream # 5 (the possessed)

I was in some building with another person i did not recognize and then i suddenly turned around and there was a thick mist in the room, it was almost as if a cloud had descended and formed in the room and i felt the presence of Jesus (trust me this is a feeling you CANNOT mistake). Then i turned back around and began to hammer a nail in the wall and once again looked back to see this person coming out of this mist and immediately i knew he was possessed by a demon and so did the other guy who was there with me, we began to struggle with this demonized person and praying over him but he was just so strong, he was flailing around at the sound of the prayer and physically fighting with us at this point we where getting thrown to the wall by this single entity and yet the man next to me laid his hand on the demonized and prayed something like * in the name of Jesus Christ release him* and it seemed to leave him at once.

A full 5 seconds later it was about 9 of them coming out of the mist at this point and at this point i knew what needed to be done and i began to pray even harder and with more authority over the demonized and grabbed one of them and thought something to myself * can i do this, can i cast it out?* and i looked into the demonized persons eyes, it literally repeated what i had just thought word for word back to me as if to shake my resolve even further and i realized this so i began to gather my thoughts and focus on the word of god and it was cast out. More began to come, one after another and by prayer they were made weakened by its sound until the only i had held down (at this point they were so weak we could overcome them with ease and the numbers of demonized were dwindling) and then i had this feeling of superiority and became prideful about the fact that I could handle this with ease (OH HOW WRONG I WAS FOR THIS THOUGHT) this feeling of pride overtook me for just an instance and that was all it took the demonized began to get its supernatural strength back and broke free of my hold as if i was a child trying to hold down a 50 foot giant and began to overtake me and i ended up being thrown to the ground in my fear i began to rack my brain for the reason as to why i was being overcome so easily then a thought formed in my mind * when did i start to believe it was me doing the casting out?* i had taken glory away from Jesus our lord and heaped it upon myself once realized i had then given thanks to god and resumed with the casting out of the demon with the help of Jesus.

What i took away front his dream is that any and everything is possible through Christ and overcoming something that has the power to simply break you can be destroyed with the help of his power but the moment you doubt this fact or become pride thinking it was really you doing the destroying any and every situation with simply *overtake* you.     

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