Wednesday, September 10, 2014

dream # 3

i was standing inside of my house yet again, but this time it looked like it had been ravaged by a great earthquake (more than half of it had to have been demolished) as i could look into some of the rooms because they had gaping holes in them from the damage, but one part of the house was just demolished roof and all. So i started to look up at the sky...and it was black i saw no stars in the sky so it was dark and smoke seemed to billow and reach high into the sky, then i saw the moon and it was red (it also gave off a sort of red hue around it, that is to say it gave off this red light so it wasn't pitch black) i walked to the back door at this point trying to figure out what i had just seen, and my brother came down and said that my grandmother was *gone*  after he ran back upstairs i looked up and saw an angel coming down from sky in full armor with his sword drawn and in a swinging motion and i said *that's Michael the Archangel* out loud and woke up.

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