Monday, September 15, 2014

dream #4

In this dream i was standing on what looked to be a coastline, behind me was tall buildings(a city) and in front of me was the ocean (i was near the edge of the water) it was dark on the side where the buildings were and i noticed there was nothing but daylight on the ocean's side (kind of like night and day was split in two yet happening at the same time). I looked back to where the buildings were located and noticed explosions,fire,and what looked to be planes firing missiles.... pure destruction was taking was chaos (for some reason here was also a red moon/ blood moon over the city). As i marveled at what was happening to the city i turned around to look toward the vast ocean yet again and it was tranquil, the polar opposite of what was taking place behind me, then i saw a raft floating by with a burning bush ( seeing this burning bush just about floored me after i woke up because i knew what it was) sitting on it but the tree was not burning at all from the fire and that same angel in his armor and with his sword drawn was coming out of the sky above the still waters. (throughout this dream i felt a sense of extreme urgency like something big was about to happen....something much worse then what i had just saw )   

then i woke up.

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