Monday, November 17, 2014

dream #6

i was in a house of some kind and as i was looking around trying to figure out where i was these dark shadowy spirits began to appear, they had this dark hue and presence about them i watched as they were literally floating right in front of me about 20 feet away. One of creatures saw me and began to charge at me and i said out loud (in the name of Jesus i rebuke you) it made a cringing face and lifted it's hands like it was trying to defend itself from the words and at that moment it simply vanished as if sent away by the command ushered the rest of them began to charge at me all together this time (about 5 of them) and i repeated the same words and it had the same effect on them and they vanished. 

"after the dream i had felt the full weight of my sins in life the dream had only left me wondering why even tho i have sinned in this life his name still had power and his grace still showed in the midst of battle with these creatures but that just goes to show grace is a gift that even sin cannot invalidate nor destroy".

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